WHO Free Online Courses 2022 | Free Certificates

WHO Free Online Courses

World health organization is now introducing free Online Courses with Free Certificates for people who love to do volunteer work. OpenWHO is an interactive website developed by WHO that provides international online training. WHO Free Online Courses with free certificates are available for everyone who are either currently working in or preparing for epidemics, pandemics, and other health emergencies.

OpenWHO is a knowledge-transfer platform for online short courses. These international virtual training programs aim to improve the response to health emergencies. The WHO and its important partners can distribute life-saving information to a huge number of first responders through these free short courses. The WHO’s Health Emergencies Program’s Learning and Capacity Development branch oversees the platform. There are over 7 million online course enrollments.

Users participate in a global, social learning network built on engaging, online courses and resources that span a wide range of topics. Additionally, OpenWHO provides a venue for the rapid exchange of public health knowledge as well as in-depth debate and comment on important topics. Candidates can highly benefit from these free courses and develop their interpersonal skills. The free certificates give them the advantage to show case it on their profile.

WHO Free Online Courses 2022 with Free Certificates:

  • Host Organization: World Health organization
  • Website: OpenWHO
  • Access mode: Online

Who is Eligible to apply for World Health Organization Courses 2022?

  • Students from all around the world can apply

What are the Benefits of WHO Free Online Courses 2022?

  • Candidates would earn a free certificate after completing these courses.
  • These are self-paced which means candidates can go through on their own time.
  • Candidates can access it anywhere in the world.
  • This course is offered in the native language of communities.
  • The participants can download the course videos to learn offline.

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What is the Eligibility Criteria of the WHO Free Online Courses 2022?

  • There is no academic restriction.
  • There is no background restriction.
  • Everyone can apply free of cost.
  • There is no age limit to apply for this free course.
  • They must have a strong internet connection.
  • Candidates must check if there are any other course requirements.

​How to apply for the WHO Free Online Courses 2022?

  • Candidates must apply online through their online portal with an email address.
  • Candidates must click on find courses and click on the one which suits them best.
  • The candidates must fill in their basic information.
  • If a field doesn’t apply to them, they must write N/A.
  • They must enroll themselves and start.

What is the deadline to apply in World Health Organization Free Courses with Free Certificates?

  • Candidates can apply throughout the year.


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