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UK Open University Free Courses with Free Certificates

UK Open University Free Courses with Free Certificates is a free opportunity for students to learn various skills that would help them in school and business alike. Thousands of candidates that visited the OpenLearn website have gone on to study at the Open University UK as a result of the high quality free learning available on the website. The Open University has been providing flexible learning for 50 years. Candidates, along with the currently enrolled 170,000 students, can take these free online courses to enhanced their confidence and prosper in their education and career.

The free short courses are completely self-paced and would be added to the candidate’s profile once they have registered an OU account and enrolled in a course. The profile will show the candidates the courses they’ve taken and monitor their progress. Candidates are rewarded with Statements of Participation or badges.

These online courses with free certificates offer two introductory pathways to their credentials if they are new to university-level study. These free courses are open to everyone with no restrictions of any sort. These free international courses aim to provide exposure to candidates all around the world to a field of technical and advanced studies. Talented students are highly encouraged to apply.

UK Open University Free Courses with Free Certificates:

  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Course type: Free online course
  • Access mode: Online

Level/Study Field (s):

  • Health, Sports & Psychology
  • Development and Education
  • History & The Arts
  • Languages
  • Money & Business
  • Nature & Environment
  • Science, Math’s & Technology
  • Society, Politics, & Law

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What countries are Eligible to apply for Free Short Courses?

  • Students from all around the world can apply

What are the Benefits of the UK Open University Free Courses with Free Certificates?

  • The open courses have been shown to build confidence and develop the abilities necessary to succeed in higher education.
  • An OpenLearn course may be found in a variety of disciplines.
  • Free OpenLearn courses are available at any time.
  • This is a self-paced course
  • Candidates can keep track of your progress and work toward a statement of participation.
  • There are around 1000 different courses to pick from.
  • The courses are always focused on a certain study area. Some focus on vital and exciting academic subjects, while others help the candidates to acquire skills that will help them to succeed in school or at business.

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Eligibility Criteria of the UK Open University Free Courses with Free Certificates:

  • Candidates of all ages can apply to these courses
  • There are no gender or ethnicity restrictions, everyone can apply for free.
  • Talented and enthusiastic candidates who want to learn and grow to enhance their skills and portfolio can apply.

How to Apply for the fully paid UK Open University Free Courses with Free Certificates?

  • Using the button in the upper right corner, create an OU account.
  • Follow the ‘Sign in to return to the page you were on’ button on the ‘thank you’ page.
  • Sign in using your new username and password, and you’ll be sent back to the previous page.
  • You may now enroll in courses and access your “My OpenLearn” profile.
  • If the course provides one, you will be eligible for complimentary statements of participation or a digital badge if you enroll in it.
  • Once you’ve created an OU account and enrolled in a course, the course will be added to your profile. Your profile will display the courses you’ve completed as well as track your progress. When you receive Statements of Participation or badges, you may download them from your profile.

What is the deadline for the Open University Short Courses?

  • There is no specific deadline. Students can apply throughout the year.


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